Discussion of the Value of Analytic Philosophy of Religion at Jerry Coyne's Blog

Evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne (author of the best-selling book, Why Evolution is true) has started a thread on the value of analytic philosophy of religion. The comments are often terrible or uninformed (inclusive 'or' here), and so the discussion would be greatly helped if more philosophers would jump in (looks at readers).

Thanks to J.L. Schellenberg for calling my attention to this.


stevec said...

Hmm. I didn't find the comments to be terrible. But then, I'm terrible.

Mike Almeida said...

I've no doubt they're terrible. Who'd jump into that?

Mark said...

The comments are pretty painful and representative of a larger phenomenon. They do put into pretty sharp relief why philosophy is so important, though.

Schellenberg's internet presence seems to be increasing! He's posted several comments on Prosblogion lately, and now here. I hope the discouraging comments of ideologues won't interrupt the trend.