Interesting Discussion on Non-Objectivist Accounts of Moral Facts and the Problem of Evil

Here. The poster -- Michael Almeida -- is another hot up-and-comer in the field of philosophy of religion. Prosblogion is *the* philosophy of religion blog on the web. All the contributors are either professional philosophers themselves, or philosophy grad students nearing completion of their PhDs. As such, I don't recommend commenting there if you don't have a significant philosophical background.

Almeida's remarks provide a nice corrective to popular apologetic jibes to the effect that the atheist or agnostic who raises the problem of evil presupposes objective morality -- or even theism(!).

I'd like to note that Prosblogion is a great place to see what civil discussion between people who disagree actually looks like in practice. Theirs is an environment where "light" is maximized and "heat" is minimized, leading to real progress at getting to the bottom of issues. A lot of bloggers -- myself included -- could really learn a thing or two about this from just reading them from the sidelines for several months. It has a tendency to rub off, and that's a good thing!

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