John Beaudoin

John Beaudoin (currently a visiting professor at Northern Illinois University) does interesting work in philosophy of religion. Below are his contributions to date:

I. Criticisms of the Skeptical Theist response to the evidential argument from evil:
- "Evil, the Human Cognitive Condition, and Natural Theology", Religious Studies 34:4 (1998):403-418.
-"Inscrutable Evil and Scepticism:, Heythrop Journal 41:3 (2000):297–302.

II. Criticisms of the cosmological argument and the doctrine of divine conservation:
-"The World's Continuance: Divine Conservation or Existential Inertia?", International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 61:2 (2007).

III. An argument against our ability to identify divine miracles, given the biblical hypothesis of demonic wonders:
-"The Devil's Lying Wonders", Sophia 46:2.

IV. Criticisms of the design argument:
"On Some Criticisms of Hume's Principle of Proportioning Cause to Effect", Philo 2:2 (Fall-Winter 1999)

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