Forthcoming Book on Challenges to Moral and Religious Belief

A while back, we noted an important conference at Purdue -- organized by Michael Bergmann and Patrick Kain -- on the challenges of disagreement and evolution to moral and religious beliefs. It looks as though many of the papers will be polished further and published in a collection:

Bergmann, Michael and Patrick Kain, eds. Challenges to Moral and Religious Belief: Disagreement and Evolution (OUP, forthcoming). Below is the table of contents:

Michael Bergmann and Patrick Kain: Challenges to Moral and Religious Belief: Overview and Future Directions
I: Moral Disagreement and Religious Disagreement
1: Ralph Wedgwood: Moral Disagreement among Philosophers
2: Walter Sinnott-Armstrong: Moral Disagreements with Psychopaths
3: Robert Audi: Normative Disagreement as a Challenge to Moral Philosophy and Philosophical Theology
4: John Pittard: Conciliationism and Religious Disagreement
II: Disagreement Between Religious and Nonreligious Sources of Moral Belief
5: John Hare: Conscience and the Moral Epistemology of Divine Command Theory
6: Charles Mathewes: Theologies of Hell and Epistemological Conflict
7: Timothy Jackson: Not by "Reason" Alone, or Even First: The Priority of Sanctity over Dignity
8: Mark C. Murphy: Toward God's Own Ethics
9: Sharon Street: If Everything Happens for a Reason, Then We Don't Know What Reasons Are: Why the Price of Theism is Normative Skepticism
III: Evolutionary Debunking of Moral and Religious Belief
10: Sarah F. Brosnan: Why an Evolutionary Perspective is Critical to Understanding Moral Behavior in Humans
11: Dustin Locke: Darwinian Normative Skepticism
12: William J. FitzPatrick: Why There Is No Darwinian Dilemma for Ethical Realism
13: Richard Sosis and Jordan Kiper: Religion is More Than Belief: What Evolutionary Theories of Religion Tell Us about Religious Commitments
14: Joshua C. Thurow: Does the Scientific Study of Religion Cast Doubt on Theistic Beliefs?

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