Scott Aikin on the Problem of Worship

In "The Problem of Worship" (Think 25:9 (2010)), Scott Aikin argues that no being could be a proper object of worship, and that therefore theism is false. The paper can be found here.

P.S., Scott Aikin is a co-author of the new book, Reasonable Atheism, as well as the co-author of the blog of the same name. (We noted the book and the blog on another occasion).

P.P.S., Over at Philosophical Disquisitions, John Danaher has an excellent expository post on Aikin's article, as well as this exegetical note on it.


John Danaher said...

Would it be okay to mention that I did an analysis of this article a couple of months ago?

Aikin's the Problem of Worship

Exegetical Note on the Problem of Worship

I thought the Think article had a number of typos and errors that detracted from the overall argument.

exapologist said...

Thanks John, that's very helpful.

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